Poetry in Motion

Recently, I was privileged to cover the X-Games in Austin at the amazing and expansive Circuit of the Americas. Not only were all varieties of action sports on display, but a music festival was not far behind. It boasted the likes of Kanye West, The Flaming Lips, Gary Clark Jr., Bad Religion and Mayer Hawthorne to name a few.

One of the many reasons Austin and I get along so well is because its propensity to celebrate within reason. Utopia was a wrist band away and for four days, Austinites were patient and grateful for the athletes and other accommodations--even in that legendary Texas heat. I was not so lucky as I cooked like a Christmas ham...my arms are still blotchy.

If you put your ear up to your screen, you can hear sizzling.

So for four days, my best friends were a tiny bottle of sunscreen care of media hospitality and Seton Hospital and and these triplets.

For the full gallery of events, a big thanks goes out to the San Antonio Current and their online content manager. I assure you there were many more, but even the internet has its limits.

One of the elements in many of the aerial tricks was far more sublime than I think the casual observer appreciated. Perhaps it's because I have plenty of performing arts shoots behind me, but it struck me as ballet on a board or on the seat of bike. We can easily marvel at the height and danger, but do we notice the body control and the forethought of all the actions before they have take off?

So I wanted to isolate that motion and make it into an active melody to a song. What better way than with colors that evoke a mindset? So I humbly submit to you Poetry in Motion.

(Photo/Kristian Jaime Photography)
(Photo/Kristian Jaime Photography)
(Photo/Kristian Jaime Photography)